Social Media tools and strategies; understanding, using and acknowledging

We have the world at our fingertips, pretty much anything that can be searched and brought up on a computer, Ipad, kindle screen. Social media has given us such a variety of ways to be able to explore and research. But, why is all of this important?—It’s important because, with technology expanding these new and improved media tools will allow us more free range for exploration of the journalism/ media world. Within this week of starting blogging, I’ve ran across a couple blogs, with information of social media tools, and there is such a wide range of tools for every category of media. Here at this site ( the author of this blog (Cindy King) gives insight to the many options of social tools, tools for photos, managing content, twitter, audio, etc. For any interest that you may have in the journalism/ media field, there is a tool out there that will complement you and your work, guaranteed.

With out the brilliant people, whose minds put together these tools to enable those interested in this  field, accomplishing certain tasks, and acquiring certain information may become difficult to acquire, or become more of a longer research. Thankfully we do have these tools to not only help us stay connected with one another, but to also be able to do more in depth research, properly edit necessary materials.


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  1. breannadrew Said:


    I love that you give credit to the developers. I’m a techy and I gotta say its a thankless job most of the time. Designers and Marketing people get all the glory while those of us that make the stuff function just get bug reports.

    Obviously social platforms only work because people want to use them but its nice to hear a little appreciation for all those programmers that stay up late at night to bring these things to accepted tools they are now.

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